Filling and packing foodstuffs with Al Hariri


Packaging and packaging of food is one of the important and necessary things for companies that are interested in keeping food in bags, boxes, or even cartons, where we find that many young people resort to these projects that seem easy and fast, which depend on food packaging and we find it to be a leader in its field and be profitable With a high degree, as it does not cost them large capital and at the same time it has a large percentage of sales in the markets because it is indispensable to the consumer.

Food packaging


Food is considered one of the important and necessary things that every home needs continuously in every day, which is sugar, rice, pasta and legumes such as lentils, beans, cowpea, oats, etc. from the foodstuffs that need filling and packaging companies in order to preserve and protect them from the weather and dust from During its packaging well follow the required technical specifications.

Hence the multiplicity of ideas of projects that are based on packing and packing foodstuffs that protect goods for the health of the consumer and providing all the necessary general food elements in his home. Indeed, with the increase in the number of workers’ unemployment for young people, especially graduates, many of these young people have been directed to establish Such projects rely on food packaging.

Where the project initially requires a special place for it to be a room inside the house to be evacuated and must accommodate the size of the packaging machine inside, while providing the types of grains and goods that the consumer tends to purchase, which are mostly in large quantities, the size of each shawl of about 100 kilograms is distributed to Printed bags on which your company’s name is placed, such as the bags of Al-Bedaya Company for Trade and Distribution, with the addition of the license for your project on the bag from abroad.

At the beginning, the project may not require you to rely on a large number of workers only. You can only two friends with you at the beginning so that you can increase the percentage of sales and you can then increase the number of workers you have and also expand your company until you reach the establishment of a factory for the trade of packaging Food.


Characteristics of the food packaging project


The project of packing and packaging foodstuffs is characterized as one of the projects with great profit with little cost in relation to other types of trade. The profit rate in this project, in particular, is successful and confirmed one hundred percent, as the materials that are covered from legumes and types of grains as well as types of frozen vegetables The consumer needs it continuously and the demand is constantly increasing.

The packaging project requires you to prepare all the tools in terms of packing bags and ensure the validity of the foodstuff that you fill because this point is the most important point of your project success and the commercialization of your brand in the markets, where your products must be high quality and not bad or expired.


Weights for packing and packing foodstuffs


One of the most important points on which the food packaging project is based in the determination of the weight of different food commodities, where the weight is determined inside a bag or packaging box and it is according to the required weight in the packing whether its packing is one kilo or five kilos or more or less.

Packaging must be in bags or boxes matching the technical specifications for preserving foodstuffs because as we know that these materials inside the bags have a certain shelf life, the project owner must pay careful attention to this matter so that he does not damage the materials due to their wrong packaging.

There must also be supervision over such projects in order to approve the work for this project according to the health and technical specifications of the work.

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